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Growfessor is committed to being an advocator of high-quality chicken breeding series product standards and a disseminator of professional chicken breeding culture, focusing on the combination of design and space so that chickens can enjoy the most natural and comfortable living environment.
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Chicken Run, Chicken Heating Plate, Automatic Chicken Coop Door, Chicken Nesting Pads, Dog Kennel, Outdoor Pets Shelter…

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Chicken Run

We offer chicken runs made from premium steel materials and provide your chickens a secure and reliable shelter.

Chicken Heating Plate

Keep your chicks warm in freezing temperatures with our chicken heating plate.

Automatic Chicken Door

Our automatic chicken coop door ensures the safety of your chickens.

Chicken Nesting Pads

Our nesting pads use bendable spine clusters to ensure your hens won’t break their eggs,

Dog Kennel

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Outdoor Pet Shelter

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Just got our second batch of 6 baby chicks. The first time, we used a heat lamp. But this time, after reading reviews and watching videos, we decided to give this heat plate brooder a try. It’s incredibly simple, safe, and dependable. The chicks took to it right away. Highly recommended.

Allen Pan

It went together well, and easily kept my brooder setup nice and toasty with minimal temperature variation – perfect for next spring! It’s also made of a very smooth sort of plastic, and it seems like it will be very easy to keep clean and sanitized, important for the health of baby chicks.

James Standhope

Got this for helping to raise chicks as a safer alternative to a heat lamp. Since we usually bring the chicks inside when we need to, I like using this instead of leaving a heat lamp running in our house. It heats well and seems to keep a consisent temperature. 


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