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Our story began in 1996 in the heart of Georgia.

Following his college graduation, our visionary founder, Gabriel, returned to the rustic countryside, joining forces with his family in the chicken farming industry. Immersed in rural life, Gabriel discovered the indispensable need to safeguard growing chickens while affording them ample freedom as they matured. Nonetheless, conventional chicken houses failed to deliver the nurturing environment necessary for their growth. This quandary ignited a fundamental question: “How can we cultivate a superior environment for our chickens’ development?”

In pursuit of an answer, Gabriel rallied his former college companions, architectural virtuoso Eric and enterprising factory owner Andrew, to revolutionize the art of raising chickens.
After countless sketches and prototypes, Eric devised a game-changing innovation: a detachable chicken coop. This groundbreaking concept unlocked unprecedented possibilities for providing the chicks with fresh grazing grounds. Designed for portability, it could be effortlessly disassembled and transported, allowing for its growth in diverse environments. Consequently, Carlos, the manufacturing facility proprietor, wholeheartedly embraced Growfessor’s brand ethos, becoming an esteemed partner and championing sustainable production practices.
Through two decades of unwavering dedication and evolution, Growfessor has emerged as an industry trailblazer, boasting a team of over 100 dedicated professionals committed to livestock products and technological advancements. Our purpose is to revolutionize the future of chick farming, crafting both aesthetically captivating and highly functional solutions that elevate the lives of your valuable livestock.
Emotion imbues every aspect of our product design. We delve beyond the physical structure, prioritizing our cherished chicks’ well-being and emotional contentment. By continuously embracing innovation and eagerly embracing your feedback, we embark on an endless journey of creation.
We eagerly anticipate your feedback as we persistently strive to transcend boundaries!
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Grow professional

Our Vision

Growfessor is committed to being an advocator of high-quality chicken breeding series product standards and a disseminator of professional chicken breeding culture

Our Mission

Changing the Future of Chicken Farming with Beautiful, Functional Products

Meet Our Team

As animal lovers and pet parents, transforming pet care through invention and technology is a dream come true. 

James Cooper


After inheriting the factory from my father, I committed to produce interesting products with high quality.


As an chicken lover and young farmer with 5 years farming experience, I know deeply in chicken’s habits and physiological states. I am also very concerned about charity, I already donated over 50000$ to charity found including environmental protection and endangered animal protection area.

Marketing Director

As an animal lover With background in physics and mechanics , Dr. Eric have strong passion in designing products for little animal.

Finance Officer

an persistent person who really into product innovation and industrial design, he used to developed several animal related products including nesting pads, brooder heater and coops. The inspiration from Mr. Andrew never ends.

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