Chicken Nesting Pads 6 Pack

Chicken Nesting Pads 6 Pack


  • Protect your chickens – Our nesting pads are designed with bendable spine clusters to ensure your hens won’t break their eggs, leading to less waste and a healthier coop environment
  • Easy to move – These lightweight nesting box pads are easy to move and fit most coops, meaning you can provide your chickens with a cleaner nesting environment no matter where they live
  • Long-lasting and reusable – Made of sturdy and wear-resistant polyethylene plastic, our nesting box pads are built to last, saving you both time and money
  • Safe and hygienic – With breathable, waterproof, and filter hole design, our nesting box pads are easy to clean and sanitize, helping to prevent the spread of disease in your flock
  • Optimal quality – You’ll receive 6 pieces of nesting box pads for chickens, enough to satisfy your daily replacement needs and keep your coop clean and comfortable.

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No more broken eggs, less waste

Our Growfessor Chicken Nesting Pads provide a secure and cushioned surface, preventing eggs from cracking on hard surfaces. Say goodbye to wasted eggs and hello to increased productivity with our nesting box pads for chickens.


Easy to clean, our products include 6x nesting pads

Cleaning your chicken coop has never been easier. Our Growfessor Chicken Nesting Pads come in a set of 6, allowing for convenient rotation and cleaning. Keep your coop fresh and hygienic with our nesting pads for chicken coop.


Keep your girls happy and laying

Our Growfessor Chicken Nesting Pads prioritize the well-being of your hens, creating a comfortable and secure environment that encourages consistent egg-laying. Invest in our chicken nesting pads for laying eggs and see the difference.


Breathable design allows waste to fall through, bye bye dirt, bye bye poop

Our nesting pads feature a breathable design that allows waste to easily fall through, keeping your nesting area clean and free from dirt and poop. Enjoy a cleaner coop with our nesting pads for chicken coop.


Customizable to fit any nesting box

Our Growfessor Chicken Nesting Pads are designed to be customizable, ensuring a perfect fit for any nesting box. Provide your hens with the best nesting experience using our chicken nesting box pads.

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Dimensions 34.8 × 30.99 × 6.86 cm





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